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The 1st Discovery

“Remember that day when you heard yourself sing for the first time or when you starting drawing your favorite cartoon character? You said to yourself, “Wow I’m good at this! I’m about to become famous haha!” We all had that inner excitement and imagination to create a vision of working with Walt Disney or in a recording studio working on that first album. Suddenly, all of those fears and doubts kick in and diminishes our vision. Those fears create excuses instead of create more great ideas. Excuses are limitations. Fears are boundaries and doubts are inner voices within the subconscious. The subconscious is filled with statements and opinions of ourselves, as well as other people. Our gifts, talents and intellect is unbelievable to some but extraordinary to ourselves. We let the opinions of others and self-doubt limit us from creating our destiny. Some of us aspire to be authors, entrepreneurs, teachers, entertainers, doctors and so forth but are afraid to pursue that dream. As children, we are taught to believe in ourselves but allow our “friends”, siblings or even parents persuade us into getting a job that we will eventually hate. . Those are true limitations, but keep in mind that what we think about the most is what we bring into existence. I believe that even the littlest thought we have becomes reality. A thought like, “I am broke” will bring about cheap and poor people into our lives. A thought such as “I am becoming a multi-millionaire” will attract more money making opportunities, as well as more wealthy individuals into our lives. Words are powerful. Pens and pencils create spells. What we write down will become true. As I wrote this speech, I am creating a reality of prosperity, happiness and higher success for myself. I believe everything I’m writing down and you will believe it as well for you. ” – CienTell

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